Artist Profiles

Southern Printmakers Association members come from a diverse background which encompasses many cultures. They reflect the variety of styles that embrace our world.

Please take this opportunity to browse through the individual printmakers in our association by hovering your cursor over the artist name and click for their profile.

Anne Baxter
Ann Espinoza
Catherine B. Fisher
Christine Druitt-Preston
Cynthia D’amico
Dior Mahnken
Don Kibble
Fran Caruana
Georgia Lambropoulos
Jan Callus
Jenny Goldstone
Judy Howe
Jill Loxton
Julianne Smart
Julie James
Julie Holohan
Kate Mcgregor
Kathy Hoyt
Kerry Anne Mcmeeking
Kim Whitbread
Laidy Tully
Laura Stark
Lorraine Avery
Marion Chapman
Max Samways
Mei Zhao
Naomi Woodlands
Nicole Lowe
Robyn Waghorn
Rosalie Duligal
Sharon Langhans
Shaynee Wellington
Stephanie Mccready
Suzanne Newton
Vicky Bennett
Vivian Berney
Vivian Messimeris