Nicole Lowe

Nicole Lowe is an artist and photographer living in Sydney. She became interested in printmaking after completing a class at Hazlehurst Regional gallery. Nicole’s favourite form of printmaking is photo polymer which allows her to incorporate her love of drawing into her work.

Nicole enjoys making art that explores the impossible or improbable state of everyday things. Her work creates connections between ordinary objects and reconsiders their purpose or function.

Growing up, Nicole loved reading fairy tales and performing magic tricks. Whilst studying painting and drawing at university, she was introduced to Surrealist artists, Salvador dali and René Magritte. Her fascination with the illusory and whimsical nature of these artist’s paintings was instantly formed.

Nicole’s prints are characterised by detailed compositions of intricate lines and patterns. She is drawn to precious things such as feathers, origami, fallen leaves and marbles.

paint tube
Paint Tube
red boat 1
Little Red Boat