Dior Mahnken

I live and work in Sydney’s Southern Beaches. I have always been drawn to the tactile side of life firstly with fabric and then papermaking. Delving into printmaking was like opening a whole new world, it melded beautifully with my first two loves.

Primarily I am a printmaker, though I wouldn’t label myself a traditional printmaker, I find it very hard to edition (making numerous identical prints). I start somewhere and the process draws me in, the happy accidents occur, the prints themselves I need to play with and incorporate other mediums such as stitching and encaustic wax which allows for a more sculptural element. This wax is also a wonderfully tactile medium with a beautiful luminosity.

I mainly use carborundum plate, dry point and mono printing techniques. Printing onto BFK rives paper and acid free tissue

My latest body of work “Garments for the hard pressed” honours the many faceless women of the Democratic republic of the Congo. after visiting a small group of women learning to sew to support their families. Their creativity inspired my own.

Lyndien’s eggs