Suzanne Newton

Suzanne’s work as a printmaker has been preceded by many years working in libraries and cultural institutions. This professional background accounts in part for the strong narrative style that pervades her work.

I am interested in people and eternally curious about their life experiences and inner struggles. I love how everyday interactions with others can become a story to be retold or to be kept close to the heart for reflection, perhaps never to be disclosed. Printmaking allows me to weave a tale whereby the viewer can interpret the print and thus become both storyteller and listener.

Suzanne predominantly favours the printmaking methods of solar plating, etching and collagraphs. Whilst she often draws upon her own stylized photo-based imagery as a basis for creating a body of work, she also enjoys the unpredictability that is inherent in the nature of printmaking.

From left to right. All that is hidden II & All that is hidden I