Max Samways

Max Samways

Max Samways has been printmaking for the last nine years and enjoys linocutting, solarplate, collagraph and monotype methods.

Max was initially trained by well know artist and printmaker Cilla Campbell (2009- 2013) at WEA Sydney. Presently under the tuition of renown printmaker Laura Stark (2012-2018) at Hazelhurst Art Centre Gymea. Further studies include Chinese Painting under Maurice Lin and Ceramic Wheel Forming Techniques with Won Seok Kim at the National Art School Sydney.

Printmaking allows Max to create images from everyday life and is always visualising his next work.

From left to right, After the Rains, linocut; Inspiration, linocut intaglio

'Golden Hour'- monotype & solarplate

Golden Hour, monotype & solarplate

'Celebrations' - monotype & solarplate

Celebrations, monotype & solarplate