Georgia Lambropoulos

Georgia2wGeorgia has always had an interest in printmaking but the opportunity to pursue and experiment in the art did not present itself till later in life.

Since she started taking classes and participating in workshops with different printmakers and artists she has never been so inspired and happy !
Printmaking has become a passion and inspiration is all around and limitless.
She loves a challenge and experimenting, making it a point to try something different or unusual at the end  of each of her printing sessions, even if she does not believe it will necessarily produce a favourable result, she likes to let go of the control and let inspiration  take over.
She favours working with collagraphs and photopolymer plates as the results can be quite varied and interesting, but does not limit herself in what medium she uses to produce her art.

Her Printmaking philosophy is “Produce  work I am happy to hang in any gallery or someones home”

Georgia doesn’t take her artist statement seriously but she does take her art seriously.
She signs her work  Georgia Lambro.

You can contact Georgia on email at:

From left to right:  When she was Younger & I will not Break.
From left to right: I will not break  &  Mother Earth.
From left to right: Shooting Stars , When she was Younger & Kaleidoscope.
From left to right: Kaleidoscope, When she was Younger & Stars over Water.