Laidy Villamaria-Tully

LaidyProfileAida Lea “Laidy” Villamaria-Tully

My first authentic connection to art transpired when Malcolm Smith, my revered art teacher, articulated a cliche… “art is not a copy”.

It instilled in me clarity of purpose and the confidence to be an artist amongst peers. My artwork has been ruled by that single narrative since.

The relationship between my art and the concept is intuitive and innate, influenced by lines, shapes, colours and mood as I perceive them to represent my ideas, personal beliefs and experiences. The end result embodies the whole person… intellect and spirit.

From left to right, Rush hour, Waiting & Gollum & Friends

From left to right, Rush hour, Waiting & Gollum & Friends

From left to right, Lady Godiva Meets Don Quixote & Oriental Landscape

From left to right, Lady Godiva Meets Don Quixote & Oriental Landscape


12 thoughts on “Laidy Villamaria-Tully

  1. This is brilliant stuff. Your work defines creativity and it displays an amazing ability to put thoughts on the canvas, which I believe is quite difficult. It paints a story both in terms of the subject as well as how it has evolved over time and your thoughts.

      • I am pleasantly surprised to read these wonderful commendations from Ravi and the Southern Printmakers Association.

        Ravi, I have been told how you connected with the art images when you checked them on your smartphone!!! I would be happy to meet you and your wife (whom I heard is also a talented artist like yourself} when time & opportunity allow.

        Thank you.

    • Laidy, you’re work can inspire one and all. Your work speaks volumes of the depth of your ideas, your creativity and passion to create a beautiful piece of art. As I mentioned on your blog, would love to be mentored by you. Both Ravi and I love your work. All the best! 🙂

      • I am pleased to say I visited your website and am in awe by your artwork particularly your artistic flair in drawing. Your concept is unique and reflects a profound connection to your cultural background. I have always followed the mantra ” unto thyself be true ” and you have to pursue and develop your inclination or what comes naturally to you as an artist. I am not sure about being a mentor but I will gladly paint or discuss art or any subject matter of interest with you. Thank you Varsha.

      • Thanks Laidy, so glad you liked my work 🙂 .. you inspired me to get back to painting, was on a break for quite sometime. Shall let you know when i complete my next.

  2. I love these works. They pull you into the story and the more you look the more the story unfulds. They kept me engaged in a way that few works of art have ever been able to achieve.

    • I am always pleased to hear favourable comments especially coming from an established photographer/artist like yourself. The images from your photo gallery were outstanding. Thank you Shaun.

  3. Your work has a depth that makes one stop, look at and appreciate the great storyteller that you are. I love the Oriental Landscape….

    • ‘Oriental Landscape’ was my first printmaking exercise when I enrolled under Laura Stark’s printmaking class for the first time in Nov 2012. I did not appreciate drawing in the past, when it was done in the traditional way using charcoal/pencil. Surprisingly, the process of mark making through linocut, drypoint, etching, engraving, etc. proved to be a revelation because I enjoy it immensely. How astute, Fiona, there is a story unfolding everytime i look at the image. I am stoked someone feels the same.

  4. Laidy, what talent you have! I am not an artist, but I do enjoy the challenge of seeing if I can identify a story within an artwork. From the view of a completely untrained eye, I can ‘see’ a story in several of your works – might not be the story you envisaged as the artist, but if it creates a story in the eye of the beholder (trained or untrained in art!) then you have an amazing talent. I just love ‘Waiting’ and ‘Lady Godiva meets Don Quixote’!

    • Dear Angie…. how apt that we finally found a commonality after years of ‘sashaying’ on the gym floor as acquaintances… yours as an author/educator and mine as an artist. We are both storytellers with massive imagination. “Waiting” & “Lady Godiva Meets Don Quixote” are both printmaking exercises…the former, was a collagraph which de-registered, pressed manually at home using a brayer (roller); the latter, is a drypoint (manually etched on perspex) of an earlier painting. Like you, I have been moved by the images. That’s when I know the work is complete. Thank you for appreciating my work.

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