Julianne Smart

A Sydney based printmaker whose practice is focussed on lino cut prints, collograph and increasingly woodblock. Her art is concerned with both an Australian aesthetic and conservation.

While holding a degree in Applied Science (Physical Geography) (Hons.) from the University of New South Wales her printmaking training commenced in 2012 via the Hazelhurst Arts Centre in Gymea, Sydney. This experience has been supplemented by travel interstate and to Japan to initiate studies in Mokuhanga.  

She has exhibited as a member of Southern Printmakers Association, and in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. Her initiation of an affiliated Overwintering Project Exhibition in southern Sydney mixed the desire to communicate the need to conserve habitat with the continued exploration of the art and the craftmanship of printmaking.

Lily in lockdown: woodblock and drypoint

Arc/K: linocut

In the mountain tangle: linocut

Unshieldedness: silk aquatint collograph