On Friday the Southern Printmakers Association was very lucky to have Printmaker, Painter, Musican and Writer Gary Makin deliver an excellent demonstration on Waterless Lithography.

16 of our members were present for the eye opening perspective on printmaking and how with the use of some household items and inspiration many different possibilities on creating an image can be achieved.

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Today we were lucky enough to participate in a Demonstration presented by Leona of S&S Creativity.  

Our workshop was very successful with 15 members in attendance. Leona was very happy to demonstrate the Akua Inks and Pin Press for free and while she wasn’t a printmaker (we were not too intimidating i hope) she was happy for us to have a play with the products to see how we liked them. Georgia really got into it so we look forward to some feed back at a later date perhaps.
The reduction monotype approach was quite interesting and while i have layered plates before the wiping out of sections was a great idea.The pin press was a good option for those with limited space but a bit limited in its application.I hope you all enjoyed the morning, any feedback or ideas are welcome.

Members ink up
Members ink up
Anne watches as Dior uses the pin press
Anne watches as Dior uses the pin press

after-pressing-dior-removes-her-paper dior-pulls-a-print

Anne and Suzanne use the pin press
Anne and Suzanne use the pin press
Suzanne registers her print
Suzanne registers her print

I had the good fortune to be on the North Coast at the same time as the Opening of the 2013 CPM National Print Awards at the Tweed River Gallery.
131 artists participated in the competition. It must have been a difficult task to hang over 170 works, however the end result was a cohesive exhibition, both beautiful and inspiring in a spectacular location.
The Exhibition runs until 2 June, 2013.
(Photos feature SPA members’ works in the Exhibition)
– Suzanne Newton

At the National Art School I found a great exhibition of prints, 20×20 was the title and size of works on show by students and premier printmakers from RMIT, University of Southern Queensland, University of Tasmania, Curtin University as well as NAS. A work by Helen Mueller, NAS Printmaking Lecturer was shown here too, same theme as her Danks Street prints but much smaller. A diverse range of techniques and materials was evident. Etchings, linocuts, woodcuts, screen prints, photo etching, lithograph, embossing, mixed media and digital. On until 5th April.

Sue Shelley

-1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7


“The exhibition is themed around the idea of the elements – earth, fire, water and air but, true to form as creative artists, many have taken this as just a starting point and have further explored both subject matter and mood. Works range from small intimate studies to three-dimensional pieces and encompass the broad spectrum of print media from traditional forms such as etching and linocut to cutting edge digital techniques.”

This show is at the Sturt Gallery at Mittagong a beautiful setting and a very intimate space well worth the drive.- Naomi Woodlands

Sturt Gallery Sturt Gallery2 Exhibition 1 Exhibition 2 Exhibition 3 Exhibition 4 Exhibition 5 Exhibition 6 Exhibition 7

Exhibition 8

This was great!
After listening to Laura talk about this exhibition Naomi, Yvonne and I went last Thursday to have a look and a tour led by Rew Hanks head printmaker at Meadowbank Tafe, Gallery School.
New works as  well as some already seen at Manly last year in New Directions by Sydney Printmakers.
Rew took us through the print studios and we talked to some of the students.
– Sue Shelley
Beautiful press on loan from the Powerhouse Museum.
Rew Hanks
Rew Hanks giving us a tour at See Street Gallery, standing in front of his work.

More Pictures from Naomi Woodlands

See Street Gallery -12 Rew Hanks  Naomi & Rew Hanks Powerhouse Press detail Powerhouse Press detail2 Powerhouse Press detail3

PowerHouse Press – Details

Rod Armstrong talks about his processJutta Fuhrman's Postcard exchange print Rosanne Summerville

Rod Armstrong talks about his process,Jutta Fuhrman’s Postcard exchange print & Rosanne Summerville at the press printing her postcard exchange.

Sue & Rod

The Sydney Printmakers show at Meadowbank was great and the artists talk given by Rew Hanks was excellent!
– Naomi Woodlands

On Tuesday the 9th of October several members of the Southern Printmakers Association got together to visit the exhibition of Pentimenti Prints featuring our very own Laura Stark..

Dior, Marilyn, Suzanne and printmaker Yvonne met at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre and headed off together towards Woollongong University. It was a beautiful day and the trip was fairly quick and uneventful. A big thank you to Dior for taking us down for the day.

Once at the University we met with Jill and Shaynee before heading into the space to see the exhibition.

To Dior’s right is Tony Ameneiro’s Flowering Heads

I only had my phone with me and the quality of the images is not to good but I’d still like to share some of the images with you.

Excerpt from Pentimenti Prints Catologue.

PENTIMENTI PRINTS an Australian Italian exchange portfolio of variable prints.

Pentimenti Prints is an innovative exchange portfolio involving eight Australian and eight Italian artists working with print media. Traditionally, collaborative print exchanges require artists to reproduce an image as an edition of identical prints. Pentimenti Prints overturns this convention. Rather than striving for uniformity, it places variation and uncertainty at the centre of the portfolios visual investigation. For the Pentimenti Prints portfolio, the collaborating artists ere invited to produce an edition of variable prints, reworking a single idea or image 26 times. This has culminated in 26 uniquely varied print portfolios of which 13 (the odd numbers in the edition) are in Australia and 13 (the even numbers) are in Italy. Pentimenti Prints was conceived by Australian artist, Lucia Parrella and coordinated in collaboration with Italian artist, Fabio Mariacci and Gianni Ottavianne, master printer at the Tipografia Grifani Donati in Italy. The portfolio was completed in 2012.

Jill examines Tony Ameneiro's Single and Multi-plate monotype Sue gets up close to Laura Stark's 'Pathways'. Dior and Elio Mariucci's, 'Labirinti Incantatori' - Lithograph and Pastels. Shaynee and Dior examine Lucia Parrella's 'Anatomy of Lost Letters.

Much discussion was had about the unique concept they chose to adopt for this collaboration and how unique each artists interpretation of the idea played out.

From using the same plate and simply hand colouring the print to create variations, to taking the plate itself and cutting it up and reconfiguring the composition. Tony Ameneiro’s approach was unique and results in his ‘single idea’ being transformed as he created many monotypes of the same image. The incorporation of many printmaking techniques showed us that all forms of printmaking can lend themselves to this growth of creation.

We would love to hear anybody elses thoughts on this exhibition so feel free to add a comment and let’s get a dialogue going!

Finally I will try to add this video of the exhibition. Again I must apologize for the poor quality.

Below is a photo of the exhibition taken by Suzanne Newton.

Pentimenti Prints

Naomi, Lorraine & Shaynee enjoy the artwork by the Friends of Campbelltown Arts Centre.

The day began at 9am when we all gathered at Hazelhurst Regional Art Centre on a gloriously sunny day. Seven of us headed down to Campbelltown in two vehicles. Thank you to Dior and Naomi for being our chauffeurs for the day.

When arrived  we were warmly greeted by Renee Porter, Campbelltown Art Centre’s  Exhibitions Officer and Curator of Lineage. Renee gave us a moment to explore the  space , so we took the opportunity to look in the Friends Exhibition where they were holding their annual exhibition and sale. We all agreed it was a wonderful community space.

Renee Porter – Curator of Lineage and Campbelltown Arts Centre’s Exhibitions Officer

To commence proceedings we gathered in the main gallery, a magnificent room with high ceilings, where Renee introduced herself and provided us with an insight into the exhibition, tour and background on David Fairbairn, his work and his practice.

Renee has been with Campbelltown Arts Centre for over ten years where her position has enabled her to work closely with many artists in the area.  Working closely with these artists has enabled her to gain a broader understanding of their work.

She was able to capitalise on this whilst working with David in determining the objectives of the exhibition; being a perspective of his continually developing work from the turn of the century. Renee then elaborated on her experience of visiting David’s studio in Wedderburn and how the landscape surrounding both his home and studio are reflected in his work through the line in his portraiture. Her insight into David’s art practices were fascinating, telling us of the large works in progress, numerous smaller works and photographs which line the walls of his studio, explaining that he completes multiple works simultaneously.

David’s current exhibition, “Lineage” has been on tour for 18 months traveling to many destinations in NSW, such as Orange, Goulburn and Mosman. It was interesting to hear Renee’s experience with touring such a large show and the techniques employed to protect the works during transportation.

Campbelltown Arts Centre is Lineage’s final destination which coincides with David’s acceptance as finalist in the prestigious Archibald Prize at the AGNSW.

Renee explained to us the relationships between David’s works and his models, together with his thoughts when creating his work. David process is to not simply transfer a likeness of a face onto paper, but to get know his subjects, often having them sit for over a year to complete a major work. Each line almost a facet of their personality and life experiences.

David Fairbairn portfolio

Another highlight of the tour was the Claire St Claire Gallery where David’s smaller works and etchings are hung. At centre stage was a  plinth containing two of his visual diaries, demonstrating David’s practice with clarity and style. The privilege of seeing his visual diaries was really wonderful and had the whole group captivated.

Renee concluded the tour with two of the most focal works in the exhibition. These were, most importantly of his most interesting subject, artist Susan Archer ,who is also his wife. They included an older work of Susan with which he won the Doug Moran Prize, Red Portrait Suzanne 2000 and the more recent Large Head S.A. No 1, 2010.

The exhibition is a well rounded demonstration of the last ten years of David’s work. This period not only beautifully demonstrates David’s relationships with his models but also the progression of his art and the fine art of his artistic practice. It is an exhibition which we would recommend to anybody to view, Lineage runs until the 27th May, 2012

Encouraged to get up close and personal with David’s large works gave us the opportunity to examine his technicality and layering of different media.
Dior examines the work David donated to Campbelltown Art Centre.
Captivated by the display of David’s intricate visual diaries.
Works were hung with the respect they deserved afforded to them by the fantastic space at Campbelltown Arts Centre.