At Warringah Printmakers Studio, cnr Lovett and Condamine Streets, Manly Vale on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th February, 2016.

Create photopolymer plates suitable for viscosity printing and then experiment with the many viscosity printing techniques. Seraphina Martin trained in Paris with Stanley William Hayter who pioneered colour viscosity printing in the 1960’s. She has a wealth of knowledge of viscosity printing to share..

Time: 10am to 4pm.

Members: $245     Non members/Associate members: $270

To book, contact Susan Baran.


Dior-WS2 DiorWS1 DiorWS3

Photos relate to examples that Dior brought in for the Lyrical theme for the Hazelhurst Exhibition in 2015.

Dior showed us a couple of examples of prints she made using a 12 inch record.  Basically, we agreed that the format size of the paper we print on should be the record cover size to keep the uniformity for the group work. The material that the record is made i.e. cardboard cover, plastic/paper sleeve can be used to create any art work i.e. relief, intaglio and/or collage.  Even breaking the record into pieces and printing the pieces.

The records she used were not valuable, less than $2 from op shop.  NB vinyl is popular again, some popular original titles are very rare and expensive – no need to use your precious collections as the op shops stock them.

We spoke about the post card exchange 1 April 2014, reminder than the edition needs to be either 11 or 12 if you want to keep a copy – info online.

We had a good turnout, about 10 people showed up, all very excited and enthusiastic to share our ideas.

Demonstration of Akua Inks and Pin Press
40329-1020-3ww-l40314-1009-2ww-m We have been lucky enough to secure a demonstration of a pin press using Akua water based inks.

So we are inviting all members and their friends to this once of event. We are getting a professional representative of S&S to come out and give us a demonstration of the fully portable pin press and Akua waterbased inks.

We feel this is a great opportunity for everyone to learn about this new & exciting non-toxic material and the pin press and it’s applications.

Please register your attendance to this event by pressing the button below.

What are the details???

When: 9:30am, Friday the 14th of June
Where: Studio Six, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Art Centre

Cost: Only $5each!

If you intend to come along please register your interest below so we are adequately prepared. If you have already indicated your attendance by email there is no need to fill out the form below.

The demonstration will be from 9:30 to 11:30am and will be hands on. You will also be given the opportunity to purchase the inks on the day, otherwise they are available through a retailer at full price.