I’ve been doing lots of research about our theme, music, notation and lyrical. And there is so much to see and read. Putting some info together in a folder, will bring it to the next meeting if anyone is interested in having a look or discussing ideas. Depending on the venue to show this work there could be possibilities for large 3D pieces as a break away from on the wall. Maybe even collaborative works!! As a separate idea is there a chance of working with another print group perhaps in NZ. I was inspired by Pentimenti Prints which “overturned the custom of traditional print exchanges where artists are required to produce a set of identical images (an edition). Instead the project places the notion of variation at the centre of each artist’s visual investigation. By reworking a single idea and image, participating artists are invited to produce a variable, reference: edition”.http://pentimentiprints.wordpress.com/artists-2/ Not using the Pentimenti theme but a new one developed by Southernprintmakers and showing the combined works in NZ and here??? Any thoughts. -this just came to me as I had been at this print studio last year in NZ, lovely area of North Shore Auckland. http://www.lakehousearts.org.nz/photogallery/tenant-artists/studio-printmakers http://www.lakehousearts.org.nz Sue.

On Tuesday the 9th of October several members of the Southern Printmakers Association got together to visit the exhibition of Pentimenti Prints featuring our very own Laura Stark..

Dior, Marilyn, Suzanne and printmaker Yvonne met at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre and headed off together towards Woollongong University. It was a beautiful day and the trip was fairly quick and uneventful. A big thank you to Dior for taking us down for the day.

Once at the University we met with Jill and Shaynee before heading into the space to see the exhibition.

To Dior’s right is Tony Ameneiro’s Flowering Heads

I only had my phone with me and the quality of the images is not to good but I’d still like to share some of the images with you.

Excerpt from Pentimenti Prints Catologue.

PENTIMENTI PRINTS an Australian Italian exchange portfolio of variable prints.

Pentimenti Prints is an innovative exchange portfolio involving eight Australian and eight Italian artists working with print media. Traditionally, collaborative print exchanges require artists to reproduce an image as an edition of identical prints. Pentimenti Prints overturns this convention. Rather than striving for uniformity, it places variation and uncertainty at the centre of the portfolios visual investigation. For the Pentimenti Prints portfolio, the collaborating artists ere invited to produce an edition of variable prints, reworking a single idea or image 26 times. This has culminated in 26 uniquely varied print portfolios of which 13 (the odd numbers in the edition) are in Australia and 13 (the even numbers) are in Italy. Pentimenti Prints was conceived by Australian artist, Lucia Parrella and coordinated in collaboration with Italian artist, Fabio Mariacci and Gianni Ottavianne, master printer at the Tipografia Grifani Donati in Italy. The portfolio was completed in 2012.

Jill examines Tony Ameneiro's Single and Multi-plate monotype Sue gets up close to Laura Stark's 'Pathways'. Dior and Elio Mariucci's, 'Labirinti Incantatori' - Lithograph and Pastels. Shaynee and Dior examine Lucia Parrella's 'Anatomy of Lost Letters.

Much discussion was had about the unique concept they chose to adopt for this collaboration and how unique each artists interpretation of the idea played out.

From using the same plate and simply hand colouring the print to create variations, to taking the plate itself and cutting it up and reconfiguring the composition. Tony Ameneiro’s approach was unique and results in his ‘single idea’ being transformed as he created many monotypes of the same image. The incorporation of many printmaking techniques showed us that all forms of printmaking can lend themselves to this growth of creation.

We would love to hear anybody elses thoughts on this exhibition so feel free to add a comment and let’s get a dialogue going!

Finally I will try to add this video of the exhibition. Again I must apologize for the poor quality.

Below is a photo of the exhibition taken by Suzanne Newton.

Pentimenti Prints