On Friday the Southern Printmakers Association was very lucky to have Printmaker, Painter, Musican and Writer Gary Makin deliver an excellent demonstration on Waterless Lithography.

16 of our members were present for the eye opening perspective on printmaking and how with the use of some household items and inspiration many different possibilities on creating an image can be achieved.

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Dior-WS2 DiorWS1 DiorWS3

Photos relate to examples that Dior brought in for the Lyrical theme for the Hazelhurst Exhibition in 2015.

Dior showed us a couple of examples of prints she made using a 12 inch record.  Basically, we agreed that the format size of the paper we print on should be the record cover size to keep the uniformity for the group work. The material that the record is made i.e. cardboard cover, plastic/paper sleeve can be used to create any art work i.e. relief, intaglio and/or collage.  Even breaking the record into pieces and printing the pieces.

The records she used were not valuable, less than $2 from op shop.  NB vinyl is popular again, some popular original titles are very rare and expensive – no need to use your precious collections as the op shops stock them.

We spoke about the post card exchange 1 April 2014, reminder than the edition needs to be either 11 or 12 if you want to keep a copy – info online.

We had a good turnout, about 10 people showed up, all very excited and enthusiastic to share our ideas.

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Making a Palm Press

Printing lithographs and monoprints without a press
by Nik Semenoff

Take the link about for this article.

Thanks to Sue Shelly for finding this article.

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pauline-in-colourPauline has been appointed a position which gives her the opportunity to work with a group of indigenous artists in Kakadu for 2 weeks in sharing her experience in printmaking.

The project is  to help the indigienous people with their creativity and providing them with
the chance to make printing plates and editioning prints which will then be available to sell in their gallery.

She heads off to Darwin on the 28th July and staying on site with GAC (Gundjheimi Aboriginal Corporation) and then going to the 30 Telstra National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island Art Award in early August.

Here is some more about information on this project

Printing program with Artists of Kakadu.

The Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation (GAC) represent the traditional owners of Jabiru and the Ranger mining lease. Working in partnership with Community Prophets and Children’s Ground they are facilitating printing workshop initiatives for young people and senior artists of their Kakadu NT region.

The aim is to implement and teach printing skills that remain within the community and to create a workspace for all artists to use.

Initial lino cut, collograph and drypoint etching workshops were part of the GAC school holiday program in 2011. These prints went on sale at Jabiru’s annual festival known as ‘Mahbilil’ to great publicresponse. Proceeds went directly to the youth. Last year there were two follow up workshops. These prints were again successfully exhibited at the 2012 Mahbilil Festival. The Jabiru printmakers will be exhibiting once again at this years Mahbilil Festival in September. TheJabiru Area School has provided a space for the printing to take place within its art department.   Students at the GAC recently commissioned boarding school Djidjbidjidjbi participate in these printing workshops also.

The project is now inclusive of artists from the local communities of Madjinberri and Manabadduma within Kakadu.

GAC is establishing a social hub in Kakadu for all community members.

The printing space is seeking printmakers who may wish to volunteer and engage with indigenous artists and share their skills.

Good Luck Pauline!

You’ll have to tells us all about your experience when you return!

Today we were lucky enough to participate in a Demonstration presented by Leona of S&S Creativity.  

Our workshop was very successful with 15 members in attendance. Leona was very happy to demonstrate the Akua Inks and Pin Press for free and while she wasn’t a printmaker (we were not too intimidating i hope) she was happy for us to have a play with the products to see how we liked them. Georgia really got into it so we look forward to some feed back at a later date perhaps.
The reduction monotype approach was quite interesting and while i have layered plates before the wiping out of sections was a great idea.The pin press was a good option for those with limited space but a bit limited in its application.I hope you all enjoyed the morning, any feedback or ideas are welcome.

Members ink up
Members ink up
Anne watches as Dior uses the pin press
Anne watches as Dior uses the pin press

after-pressing-dior-removes-her-paper dior-pulls-a-print

Anne and Suzanne use the pin press
Anne and Suzanne use the pin press
Suzanne registers her print
Suzanne registers her print

As requested by the printmakers a screenprinting workshop was run by Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and was also open to the general public.

It was a terrific day attended by Suzanne,Stephanie and myself and we were able to talk to some about SPA who we knew had printmaking experience.

The day run by Cath of Prints Charming had a very simple approach to fabric screen printing ,one that she has built a successful business out of.Cath was a delight to be with,very encouraging and full of helpful tips.Unfortunately it doesn’t transfer directly to printing on paper but her method is a low cost,low toxicity ,lots of fun with striking results  if you want to print fabric.

Screen printing Master Class at Hazelhurst
Screen printing Master Class at Hazelhurst
Dior's Screen printed creation.
Dior’s Screen printed creation.