Demonstration of Akua Inks and Pin Press
40329-1020-3ww-l40314-1009-2ww-m We have been lucky enough to secure a demonstration of a pin press using Akua water based inks.

So we are inviting all members and their friends to this once of event. We are getting a professional representative of S&S to come out and give us a demonstration of the fully portable pin press and Akua waterbased inks.

We feel this is a great opportunity for everyone to learn about this new & exciting non-toxic material and the pin press and it’s applications.

Please register your attendance to this event by pressing the button below.

What are the details???

When: 9:30am, Friday the 14th of June
Where: Studio Six, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Art Centre

Cost: Only $5each!

If you intend to come along please register your interest below so we are adequately prepared. If you have already indicated your attendance by email there is no need to fill out the form below.

The demonstration will be from 9:30 to 11:30am and will be hands on. You will also be given the opportunity to purchase the inks on the day, otherwise they are available through a retailer at full price.

As requested by the printmakers a screenprinting workshop was run by Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and was also open to the general public.

It was a terrific day attended by Suzanne,Stephanie and myself and we were able to talk to some about SPA who we knew had printmaking experience.

The day run by Cath of Prints Charming had a very simple approach to fabric screen printing ,one that she has built a successful business out of.Cath was a delight to be with,very encouraging and full of helpful tips.Unfortunately it doesn’t transfer directly to printing on paper but her method is a low cost,low toxicity ,lots of fun with striking results  if you want to print fabric.

Screen printing Master Class at Hazelhurst
Screen printing Master Class at Hazelhurst
Dior's Screen printed creation.
Dior’s Screen printed creation.

something about colour and music:

Voltaire, a friend of Castel’s, claimed that Kircher was also the source for Sir Isaac Newton’s analogy between the seven bands of color in the spectrum and the musical scale; Newton had supposed that “colour may be distinguished into its principal degrees, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and deep violet on the same ground that sound with an eighth is graduated into tones.” Castel took Newton’s spectrum as the basis for his color keyboard, but he developed twelve mid-tones for corresponding semi-tones: B was blue; C sharp, celadon (blue-green); D, green, and so on. The color-octave repeated a tone lighter an octave up and a tone darker an octave down. The correspondence between music and color had another interesting and even earlier precedent, which may also have inspired Castel. In the eleventh century, red or yellow lines placed above musical notation indicated the aural pitches of F sharp and C for singers.

I had the good fortune to be on the North Coast at the same time as the Opening of the 2013 CPM National Print Awards at the Tweed River Gallery.
131 artists participated in the competition. It must have been a difficult task to hang over 170 works, however the end result was a cohesive exhibition, both beautiful and inspiring in a spectacular location.
The Exhibition runs until 2 June, 2013.
(Photos feature SPA members’ works in the Exhibition)
– Suzanne Newton

Many of our members were interested in screen Printing.

Hazelhurst has organized a workshop!!!

screen print1Cath Derksema
Join Cath from “Prints Charming”
and discover the simple art of
printing on fabric. This course
will cover the method of cutting
stencils, how to set up your own
print table and how to print with
water based inks.

Sun 26 May 10am – 4pm
Fee $120 (includes all materials)

Download PDF  Term_2_2013


How to enrol
• By Telephone 8536 5700. Credit Card only.
• In Person 782 Kingsway, Gymea
(Art Centre reception) 9.00am – 9.00pm Mon – Thurs,
9.00am – 5.00pm Fri – Sun and during school term holidays.

Hi Members,

just thought I’d let you know that I have tweaked the website so it flows better (I hope) and I have also added some forms to entice more of the general public to our mailing list.

This means that if you have any family or friends who wish to be sent out invitations to our exhibitions and events you can encourage them to fill out the forms in the Home Page and About Page.

All details we receive are not published on the website and will not be passed on or used for anything other than invitations to SPA events.

Here is the email that was just sent to our existing mailing list.


Also, the Kogarah Library exhibition, Found in Print, now has it’s own page.

The Southern Printmakers Association Exhibitions now only features our upcoming/ current exhibition at Hazelhurst.

Happy to hear any feedback, so fill out the form below. All comments are addressed confidentially.

This was great!
After listening to Laura talk about this exhibition Naomi, Yvonne and I went last Thursday to have a look and a tour led by Rew Hanks head printmaker at Meadowbank Tafe, Gallery School.
New works as  well as some already seen at Manly last year in New Directions by Sydney Printmakers.
Rew took us through the print studios and we talked to some of the students.
– Sue Shelley
Beautiful press on loan from the Powerhouse Museum.
Rew Hanks
Rew Hanks giving us a tour at See Street Gallery, standing in front of his work.

More Pictures from Naomi Woodlands

See Street Gallery -12 Rew Hanks  Naomi & Rew Hanks Powerhouse Press detail Powerhouse Press detail2 Powerhouse Press detail3

PowerHouse Press – Details

Rod Armstrong talks about his processJutta Fuhrman's Postcard exchange print Rosanne Summerville

Rod Armstrong talks about his process,Jutta Fuhrman’s Postcard exchange print & Rosanne Summerville at the press printing her postcard exchange.

Sue & Rod

The Sydney Printmakers show at Meadowbank was great and the artists talk given by Rew Hanks was excellent!
– Naomi Woodlands