Roslyn Kean

Works on paper using Traditional Japanese methods of printing and encaustic.
Exhibition at Syndicate Gallery, 2 Danks Street, Waterloo ( free 90 minutes parking Aldi’s Parking in Dank Street )

Duration 3rd September – 21st September
Opening Wednesday 4th Sept 5.00pm – 7.30pm official opening 6pm
The exhibition will be opened by Jackie Menzies OAM, Curator of Asian Art, Art Gallery of NSW

I’ve been doing lots of research about our theme, music, notation and lyrical. And there is so much to see and read. Putting some info together in a folder, will bring it to the next meeting if anyone is interested in having a look or discussing ideas. Depending on the venue to show this work there could be possibilities for large 3D pieces as a break away from on the wall. Maybe even collaborative works!! As a separate idea is there a chance of working with another print group perhaps in NZ. I was inspired by Pentimenti Prints which “overturned the custom of traditional print exchanges where artists are required to produce a set of identical images (an edition). Instead the project places the notion of variation at the centre of each artist’s visual investigation. By reworking a single idea and image, participating artists are invited to produce a variable, reference: edition”. Not using the Pentimenti theme but a new one developed by Southernprintmakers and showing the combined works in NZ and here??? Any thoughts. -this just came to me as I had been at this print studio last year in NZ, lovely area of North Shore Auckland. Sue.

At the National Art School I found a great exhibition of prints, 20×20 was the title and size of works on show by students and premier printmakers from RMIT, University of Southern Queensland, University of Tasmania, Curtin University as well as NAS. A work by Helen Mueller, NAS Printmaking Lecturer was shown here too, same theme as her Danks Street prints but much smaller. A diverse range of techniques and materials was evident. Etchings, linocuts, woodcuts, screen prints, photo etching, lithograph, embossing, mixed media and digital. On until 5th April.

Sue Shelley

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Hi Everyone,
Well over the last 2 days I have received several publications which promote our Found in Print Exhibition.
1. Imprint arrived in my letterbox, and there we were! Editorial on p48 and the Found in Print advertisement on p49. Very happy with the placement of the ad.
2. The Friends of Hazelhurst Newsletter arrived profiling Found in Print on the back page.
_Suzanne Newton
The Leader photographer is available to take a photo at Hazelhurst on Friday 15 March, 2013 at 11am. I am working that day, so if we could have 3 volunteers for the photo shoot that would be great. I am assisting the Leader journalist to prepare the written text.


“The exhibition is themed around the idea of the elements – earth, fire, water and air but, true to form as creative artists, many have taken this as just a starting point and have further explored both subject matter and mood. Works range from small intimate studies to three-dimensional pieces and encompass the broad spectrum of print media from traditional forms such as etching and linocut to cutting edge digital techniques.”

This show is at the Sturt Gallery at Mittagong a beautiful setting and a very intimate space well worth the drive.- Naomi Woodlands

Sturt Gallery Sturt Gallery2 Exhibition 1 Exhibition 2 Exhibition 3 Exhibition 4 Exhibition 5 Exhibition 6 Exhibition 7

Exhibition 8

Suzanne Shelley has been to Pentimenti at Wollongong, the Italian Consulate and now Hazelhurst.

Suzanne and Laura, an exhibiting artist, have seen all three exhibition spaces and it would be great to hear there thoughts on the different apaces and how they lend themselves to the display of the prints.

Which was your favourite gallery space for the Pentimenti Exhibition and why?


Pentimenti Prints

Sydney – Italian Consulate

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