2015 Postcard Exchange

The theme of our 2015 postcard exchange was ‘LYRICAL.’

Thank you to all those who participated.

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Postcards on display at the Lyrical exhibition

A selection of the more than 60 post cards received from across Australia and the world  will be included in the Lyrical exhibition at the Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Art Centre at Gymea, NSW in November 2015.


To see images from our postcard printing workshop follow this link!




  1. SPA’s Post Card Exchange: a history by Robyn Waghorn. Imprint Magazine: Summer 2014.

    We wanted to make participation accessible to both SPA members and other printmakers which
    is why we chose the post card as a form of art. Post card communication was a direct result of postal reform and the development of mass printing techniques including photography during the 1800’s.

    Postcards were, for most people, the nearest thing to immediate communication. They were bright spots in the lives of many people who might never have moved beyond a few square kilometres.

    Today, despite the development of electronic communications, the postcard continues to be a source of joy for people.

    Written by SPA member Robyn Waghorn. 2014

    Image: Robyn Waghorn, Space Redefined.2005,linocut and photograph.

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