Postcard Exchange 2018 – Bridges

Every year SPA invites printmakers to join our worldwide print exchange. The theme for the 2018 exchange will be ‘Bridges’. To participate you will create an edition of 11 postcard sized prints to submit and will receive 10 prints made by other printmakers in return. The last copy will be held in our archive and exhibited at the annual Southern Printmakers Exhibition for the year. You should consider the message on the postcard –something you might write to a friend, and the postage stamps- they are all an important part of the exchange.

Your postcards may also be shown on our website, although we won’t publish your address or email! (see the 2017 postcard exchange to see what we are talking about!).

This is a fun project with participants from around the world- will you join in?


  • All prints (the size of the paper, not the size of the plate) must be 10cm x 15cm (4” x 6”) and fit into a flat mailing envelope. If your paper size is larger or smaller than this your prints may be trimmed or not included in the exchange or the exhibition.
  • All 11 prints must be part of an edition
  • Use paper from 250 – 350 gsm
  • Any method of printmaking is welcome
  • If you are in Australia, post your postcards individually. Stamps and postmarks are integral to the ‘postcard’. Make sure you also provide us with your address on the back of the postcard so that we can identify your cards and have an address we can send your exchange cards back to (addresses will not be published).
  • If you are an international participant- you may send your postcards as one package although we can’t accept more than one edition sent in bulk.
  • To receive your set of 10 postcards- make sure you complete your address. Southern Printmakers Association will pay the postage for returning prints.
  • 10 of the 11 postcards will go to other artists in the exchange.
  • One copy of your postcard will become part of an exhibition and be retained in our archives.
  • By participating in the postcard exchange you are giving the Southern Printmakers Association Inc. permission to use your postcard’s image and content for exhibition, publishing and promotional purposes (no personal addresses or emails will be published).
  • Entries due: 1st APRIL 2018
  • Send to: Southern Printmakers Association, c/o 28 Goolagong Place, Menai, NSW 2234.
  • Please avoid writing along the bottom edge as the postal system is placing a sticker which will block any information written there (see image below for clarification).
  • If you are mailing from overseas the address should look as follows: