2016 Postcard Exchange-ROOTS

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 We have received some wonderful postcards and their messages from within Australia and abroad. View our slideshow to see the postcards, stamps and a selection of the thoughtful messages that came with the cards!


A project funded by the Southern Printmakers Association Inc. southernprintmakersassociation.com

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11 thoughts on “2016 Postcard Exchange-ROOTS

  1. Hi Therese, just to let you know we have now received all your Roots exchange postcards, we will be posting your exchange postcards by mid April 2015
    Georgia for SPA

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  3. To wingedwoman: I’m so happy you made it to the States and to my lovely state Iowa. I’m sure the rural setting was inspirational to your printmaking. I hope I get one of your prints in my packet !!! I see (through track my package) my postcards are in transit to their final destination!!!

  4. Hi Effie,

    Did you get a reply on your post? I am also interested to know how the post cards should look. Also wanted to know how we would know if all postcards get to destination?


    • Hello I apologise if you did not get my reply before now but yes I did and I must say they are beautiful and so varied on the theme which makes it wonderful as everyone’s interpretation is different. I love to be involved next year happy printmaking to all.

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