Roots – 11-22 October 2016-The Depot Gallery

The annual exhibition of the Southern Printmakers Association on the theme of ‘Roots’ was opened on the 11th October 2016.  Pamela Griffith formally opened the exhibition on the 15th October (4-6pm).  Printmakers presented informal discussions about the work on show on Saturday 22nd October 1-2pm.

The exhibition also featured prints from  across the globe from the 2016 Postcard Exchange-Roots.

This slideshow requires JavaScript. from letter to Southern Printmakers from Pamela Griffiths

Dear Members of Southern Printmakers, Thank you for generously asking me to open your exhibition at Danks Street Depot Gallery. As foundation President I was touched that anyone remembered the beginnings of this vital group. Many talented women have made a positive contribution to the on going development of printmaking through the fellowship of this group. I loved seeing the experimentation and professionalism in the prints on display. I already think the exhibition is a great success as it has made the group more visible to the art community. It is not a good idea to hide the talent of artists in the Sutherland area from more general appreciation and Dank Street gets a good audience…”

inviteTo view an e-book of the exhibition  go to:

To order a hard cover book place your order at this link. 

To order a soft cover copy of your book place your order at this link.


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