Val Dunn

My Artistic output has developed over some 30 years during which time I encountered many various mediums that I have incorporated into my printmaking repertoire.

So my primary interest lies in the breadth and variety available in the world of Printmaking.

Within that art process, I am fascinated and utterly excited by the Multi-media print. Accordingly, most of my work includes a multiplicity of methods and media; one proof leading to the next by a reasoned sequence of questions such as:

“What will work best next, and add to a satisfactory completion of this image?”

My work remains abstract in form to best exploit the particular mix of design and medium.  My own instincts to dictate the direction of the completed print so it rarely resembles the pre-figured idea and plan. It is a world which continues to excite and surprise me each time I lift the print from the press revealing the result. I regard it as a journey to some unknown place and sensation.

From left to right.
Untitled, Galaxy 1 & Untitled

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