Suzanne Shelley

Materials  Experimentation  Chance

Determination is an essential characteristic of the artist whose work evolves from experimentation.By using unorthodox methods and unconventional materials chance plays a major, exciting role, but you have to know how to use the chance,how to recognise it. Chance, when understood properly, still involves discipline. Discipline to not do just anything, but to free oneself from, as John Cage said, “likes and dislikes” in order to explore and experiment. Cage insured that marks unfold in sequence and remain clearly layered in “time” as a series of “chance occurrences” “scattered” within the “space” of the paper, a space that is both a real and metaphorical,space in which to let things happen.

17suzanne shelley.something wicked,2014,photopolymer,ed of 5

From left to right.
miss mousie’s adventures              something wicked



10 thoughts on “Suzanne Shelley

  1. It was fabulous work Anthea. Loved all the beautiful prints and sculptures. Innovation and great use of materials,particuarly loved the time based series of rust marks.

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