Robyn Waghorn


I am looking at the aftermath of bushfires.

I see my work as a documentation of space – my space.

My mark making describes my emotional link with my space…my space stripped bare of detail…showing the starkness of the devastation. I ask the viewer to imagine the detail. I look at a narrow horizontal strip of the landscape.

I use linoblocks as the basis of this set of prints, I am looking for a dense black!

Repetition….the tool of printmakers…not necessarily an edition.

I photographed the aftermath of bushfire…the white represents ‘the space between’. On the deeply dissecting sandstone plateaux which encircle metropolitan Sydney there is to be found a hardy flora, world famous for its diversity of species protected by a system of national parks on the Woronora and Hornsby Plateaux, the woodlands and open forest , popularly regarded as Sydney’s “bush”. The possibility of fire must be faced by much of this bush and the adjoining urban areas. Some plants are dependent on fire for their propagation. Hence, the third book, has the addition of text…the names of some of these botanical species of our area, handwritten.

THE set of 3 concertina books each a separate story.

The first is a panorma folded into individual images and contains a few collaged and printed red strips representing the burning embers of trees.

The second is a panorama of the blackness left behind and

The third documents the botanical names of plants of the Illawarra affected a by bush fire.

These books are a personal, contemplative view of the aftermath of a bushfire.

From left to right.
The space between – Relief print, Collage and hand text set of three books & After the fires 1 & 2
From left to right.
The space between & January 8th revisited