Pauline Denney

Pauline Denney is a full time Artist based in Coalcliff and trading as Pd Art Gallery Roy Jewellery.

Originally from a television and film career as a makeup artist, Pauline returned to study to complete a five year degree in fine arts at Wollongong Tafe. For the past decade Pauline has honed her artistic talents through the Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre working with Laura Stark and other artist working in printmaking, painting and drawing.

I like figurative and abstract with sometimes a mix of both, colour and culture is also influenced in my work, Travel helps stimulate the artist view and Pauline is back from Japan and has been inspired in 2011.

Travel is important, a trip to Norfolk Island inspired a series on cows and paintings and an etching was completed.

A finalist in this year’s Sulman prize at the NSW Art Gallery has given me a charge to keep up with painting and enjoy the chance to exhibit in other art prizes.

From left to right. Earth goddess & Winged Boat

From left to right.
Earth goddess & Winged Boat

From left to right.
Acid lino Lyrical Figures 2, Heading North & Lyrical Figures 2

2 thoughts on “Pauline Denney

  1. The print work that you see is almost sold out there is one Lyrical figures 2 in Yellow & pink and then the edition of 10 are sold out, 2 more Earth Goddess ,Heading north all sold out Winged boat sold.

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