Margot Rushton

MargotI was introduced to printmaking by Patricia Holleley at the Wollongong TAFE in 1983. I studied sculpture at the Canberra School of Arts in the undergraduate program in 1984 before focusing on my career as a public servant. I returned to printmaking intermittently in the early 1990’s but could not dedicate any serious time to the discipline until 2010 when I moved to the Illawarra and set up a studio.  I have concentrated on learning different techniques and working on ideas gathered during my travels l around the world. In 2013 I spent 3 weeks in Florence at the il Bisonte workshop learning the waterless lithography method and a further 3 months in central Italy completely immersing myself in the art and culture of that beautiful country. In January 2015 I held a successfull exhibition in Minnamurra General Store Gallery. At the moment I am attending workshops in Kiama to learn the art of collagraphy.  This could become a passion due to the intricate detailed work required and the stunning colours that appear if the print is successful. However, at the moment I would say that my primary interests are in traditional etching and waterless lithography with a focus on nature and animals.

Left: Green Lotus -etching and aquatint, Right: Palm dates-etching and aquatint

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