Julie Holohan


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Julie Holohan started painting some twenty years ago. She attended the Institute of Arts, Open Art Programs and held a joint exhibition in Canberra with her father Peter Holohan in 1998. She won first prize in Traditional art at the Padua Art and Craft Show and first prize in mixed media in the Richardson Art, Craft and Pottery Show.

While studying the Art of the Modern Print during her Graduate diploma in Art History and Curatorship at the ANU, she became very interested in printmaking. On moving to Sydney, she studied printmaking at Hazelhurst. She exhibited at Hazelhurst with five other local printmakers in 2005, Printed Matter Exhibition. Since then she has exhibited with the Southern Printmakers Group.

Many of her prints are figurative and incorporate symbols. However she also has a deep awareness and appreciation of the beauty of nature and this has also been a feature of her work. She works with linocut, woodcut, collagraph, etching and solar plates.

Julie tends to work on a theme of work with either unique prints or a very small edition.

If interested in purchasing prints please email; julie.james7@bigpond.com