Jill Loxton

I find the process of printmaking totally absorbing. It is a journey of discovery, experimenting with all kinds of surfaces and different methods to obtain the effects I want.

A great deal of my work is inspired by landscapes, tree, plants, rivers and the sea. I draw on them for a great many of my abstract works as well as my more figurative prints. There is so much to be learned from nature and the beauty of the world around us. The strong feelings I have on this subject I try to convey in my work.

Although I use lino blocks, dry point, solar plates and zinc etching plates in my work I prefer to use collagraphs as much as possible, as not only do they suit the style of much of my work, they are made mainly from natural or non-toxic materials and I feel strongly about protecting our beautiful plant life, trees, landscapes and the environment for this generation and the next.

From left to right.
Serenade & Lava flow
From left to right.
Dove tale I, Molten glow & Dove tale II