Don Kibble

Don Kibble, is a graduate of Ontario College of Art (Canada). His post college art experience over 25 years was in advertising illustration, designs for silk screen, typographic studio activities, retail advertising design, graphic design and advertising agency creative work. Don has been self employed as a graphic artist in Australia, Germany and Canada.  ‘KibbleGraphics’ commercial art studio was established for over twenty years in Sydney.

He is now a ’leisure’ artist with an interest in most imaging mediums and explorations of creative aspects and processes. Don’s art awards include many from local art exhibitions and the St George Art Society for Watercolour, Contemporary Art, and sketching. His artworks are held in private collections in Canada, United States and Australia … and who knows where else. St George Art Society Past President, current Vice President and convenor of the Society’s plein air and Sketchability activities.

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Don - The rondezvous, Hazelhurst

The Blue Door

Don - The blue door, Hazelhurst

The Rendezvous

Don - DeathBecomes Us1

Death Becomes Us 1