NAS Stairwell Gallery in the Library

At the National Art School I found a great exhibition of prints, 20×20 was the title and size of works on show by students and premier printmakers from RMIT, University of Southern Queensland, University of Tasmania, Curtin University as well as NAS. A work by Helen Mueller, NAS Printmaking Lecturer was shown here too, same theme as her Danks Street prints but much smaller. A diverse range of techniques and materials was evident. Etchings, linocuts, woodcuts, screen prints, photo etching, lithograph, embossing, mixed media and digital. On until 5th April.

Sue Shelley

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  1. it really is Marion, if you have time to go and look I think you would be very interested in the variety of techniques and styles used. Apparently NAS having been doing this themed size exhibition for a few years.There are 95 works!

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