Pentimenti Prints – from Italy to Wollongong, Sydney & Sutherland Shire.

Suzanne Shelley has been to Pentimenti at Wollongong, the Italian Consulate and now Hazelhurst.

Suzanne and Laura, an exhibiting artist, have seen all three exhibition spaces and it would be great to hear there thoughts on the different apaces and how they lend themselves to the display of the prints.

Which was your favourite gallery space for the Pentimenti Exhibition and why?


Pentimenti Prints

Sydney – Italian Consulate

-3 -2 -4
Please leave your comments by replying to this post! Love to hear from you.


  1. All 3 spaces are very different, by size, colour of the walls,floor and room shape. This makes the work appear new and unique in each one. I did enjoy the feel of walking through the prints at the Italian Cultural Institute. Hanging prints back to back was an engaging idea which worked well at this site. Laura’s thoughts on this will be interesting to hear.

  2. Hi Suzanne, I agree the different spaces really impacted on the look and feel of the shows, and how the audience engaged with the work. And for each location – University campus, Italian Insitute of Culture and Hazlehurst Regional Gallery – the audiences were different. Another positive. Thanks for coming to see the show, and for your constructive comments.

  3. Yes Suzanne, the exhibition at the Institute is great idea for an installation using works on paper in which the view points, spaces and movement of the spectator became a focus point rather than the work itself. Certainly worth pursuing.

  4. Yes Suzanne, The hanging of the Italian Institute exhibition was interesting and would be a great idea for an installation using works on paper in which the viewpoints, spaces and movement of the spectator between the works was as much a focal point as the works themselves. The photographs taken and posted on this site are great.

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