Opportunity to Buy PCA Commissioned Prints

Each year the Print Council commissions a group of selected artists to create an edition of prints for our Annual Print Commission Program.

An independent arts professional judges each artist’s portfolio of work and selects a final print to be commissioned from each. The artists then produce a limited edition of between 30-40 prints in their chosen medium. Paper for each edition is supplied by the Print Commission sponsor, Canson Australia.

Subscribers commit to purchase a print in the year prior to each commissioning. When all artists have completed their series, the prints are made available to PCA members, who then select which print or prints they would like from that year’s collection.

Click Link for more details.

You can view the Prints on offer here.

Artists include:

Vanessa Wallace, Bill Moseley, Senye Shen, Peter Lyssiottis, Kir Larwill, Leonie Lane, Deanna Hitti, Tama Favell, David Fairbairn, Ruby Alderton.

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